Sweet time in Da Lat City 4 days


Da Lat city is one of the most romantic cities, so it becomes the priority choice for couple in the honey moon. People said that Da Lat City is the ideal place for any couple because there is not only the nice sightseeing but also the good climate to ensure to bring the memorable time for a sweet time here. So if you have your plan for the honey moon, just save some minutes to think about this great city.


Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat City, visit Prenn Waterfall – Overnight in Da Lat
Day 2: Explore Da Lat City; visit Love Valley, Tuyen Lam Lake, Crazy House, and Dalat Railway Station – Overnight in Da Lat.
Day 3: Explore Da Lat City; visit Domaine de Marie, Linh Phuoc Pagoda, and couple bike trip along Xuan Huong Lake. Overnight in Da Lat.
Day 4: Visit Da Lat Market, Datanla Waterfall – Return to Ho Chi Minh City. End the trip

Tour in detail

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat City

Da Lat city is located far from Ho Chi Minh City about 300km; it takes you more than 6 hours for transfer. However the great thing along the road is experience of yours about the landscapes and people in each land you pass. Especially, you will conquer Bao Loc pass that is one of the nice passes to lead you the romantic city. You will have some nice moments on the road and of course you will have wonderful pictures of the forest, the valley, the endless rubber forest that impress you strongly by their greenness. Before coming in the city center, you will have your stop to visit Prenn Waterfall. Arrive in Da Lat, you have a short time to relax, have a warm dinner with Dalat red wine and then walk together in the center of the city to enjoy the typical cold of the highland city.

Day 2: Explore Da Lat

There are many things to explore in Da Lat City. But firstly you should come to Love Valley because this is the romantic place for couple to walk together. The Love Valley is located not far from city center. You will find here the typical picture of the city of flowers, grasses, trees and spring and lake. The next destination is Tuyen Lam Lake. The lake is located far from city center more than 5km. It is wide more than 300ha in which the lake, the pine forest, etc. This area is considered one of the ideal places for couple to picnic. You may enjoy the fresh air, silent surrounding, and nice landscape and then go to fish, go boating and even climb to hills here. After enjoy the great time in Tuyen Lam Lake, you should visit Crazy House. This is the special architecture in the city. It was built as a hotel by wood with special design that makes people who have to be surprised. In the end of the trip on day, you will visit Dalat Railway Station that was built a long time ago with French architecture. In the evening, bring you yourself some romantic moment when walk in the city center, enjoy street food and have some famous hot soy milk here.

Day 3: Some experience of architecture in Da Lat City

Da Lat is famous with French architecture. The typical works are Dalat Railway Station, villas along the road in the center and the church named Domain de Marie. The church is located in tha Mai Anh hill that not far from city center. People said that this church is the best unique work with its typical architecture in Da Lat City, because it is combined cleverly the French style and local style in the architecture. This makes the church to be the only church and there is not any same church in the highland area. After visiting Domain de Marie Church, you visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda – one of the special pagodas in Da Lat that was built by beer bottles. In the end of the day, you can taka a bike trip together around Xuan Huong Lake to know more elegant features of the city in the afternoon. This is the memorable experience for all couple in Da Lat.

Day 4: Da Lat City – Ho Chi Minh City

In the morning, you will visit Da Lat market to known more about the trading activities of the local people. Go shopping here with specialties here such as jams, fresh strawberries, candy, bottle strawberry juice, passion fruit juice, knitting wool products, embroider products etc. The last minutes in Da Lat city, you do not miss a chance to visit Datanla Waterfall to enjoy the great relaxing here. Let breathe the fresh air and experience the best moment in this place before the time to leave this elegant city. 

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