Sai Gon Food tour


Ho Chi Minh City is one of two biggest cities of Vietnam, so here you can find the best things relating culture and cuisine of the country. People said that Ho Chi Minh City is a kitchen of Vietnam because you can taste here all flavors that come from all main region of the country. Just save your one night in Ho Chi Minh City with Sai Gon food tour, you will know the things you love to know about Vietnamese cuisine from the menu from the North to the best food in the Middle and the South.

Itinerary in Summary

17:00: Pick up and have bun cha Ha Noi, go round Ho Chi Minh Center
19:00: Have some delicious cakes and sweet soup of Hue cuisine and visit the night market
21:00: Have com tam Sai Gon at night. End the trip.

Tour in detail

17:00: Pick up you at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and start the Sai Gon food tour to experience the flavor of three regions. You will enjoy bun cha Ha Noi with typical flavor of Ha Noi people in Ho Chi Minh City. The great dish with grilled pork, rice noodles and special fish sauce in Hanoi style. And you will see it is not different from the dish that you taste in Ha Noi where the home of this famous dish is.  And then, you will have s short trip to view of the city when the night is coming with bustle people in the streets.

19:00: You will stop at a small restaurant where serves Hue dishes. Enjoy some special cakes that cooked by Hue people such as banh loc, banh beo etc. After that you can have a sweet soup here to explore the Hue flavor in the soup. Then you have a trip to visit a night market where you can understand more about the night business of Saigonese people.

21:00: This is the great time for you to taste the best street dish of Saigonese people. It is com tam that is considered one of the 25 best dishes you should try in Ho Chi Minh City. You will see that there are many eating houses along the roads you pass through. These places serve the good and popular dish that is com tam which all local people love to enjoy. This is not simple a dish but it is a favorite habit that many people love to experience in Ho Chi Minh City when the night is falling. After having com tam, end Saigon food tour of yours and hope you have some memorable moment about the food in this most bustling city.


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    Saigon Food Tours

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